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Girl Power Gurus

Dec 9, 2019

Our guest for today is Jennifer Doudna Ph.D, a world famous American biochemist. Her work and leadership with CRISPR genome editing technologies has helped launch the CRISPR revolution. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Doudna, her work has the ability to change and improve our world. We greatly...

Jul 29, 2019

Today’s guest is Lindsey Vonn, the most successful women’s ski racer of all time. We were super excited to interview Lindsey, we both have grown up ski racing and Lindsey has been our hero since we first started skiing. We really appreciate Lindsey’s open and thoughtful answers to our questions. Lindsey talked...

Apr 29, 2019

Today’s guest is Dr. Ellen Stofan, the Director of the National Air and Space Museum and former Chief Scientist of NASA. We loved talking with Dr. Stofan as she shared her stories, wisdom, and advice. Our conversation covered a lot of topics including the search for life in space, the challenges of getting humans to...

Apr 9, 2019

Checkout our first podcast on Professor Drew Faust, the first female president of Harvard University.  Professor Faust shares her interesting life experiences and bits of wisdom/advice that we feel will be beneficial to our listeners.